Department of Physics and Astronomy

Seoul National University

OVERVIEW: Our group is interested in understanding and controlling the light-matter interactions in ultrafast time scales. We use the state-of-the-art ultrafast laser and nanofabrication technology to access, manipulate, and engineer novel properties of quantum condensed matters. Our group is specialized in ultrafast laser spectroscopy, ranging from the visible to the terahertz (THz) range. 

RESEARCH: Our researches focus on ultrafast dynamics of novel quantum condensed matters. These include "valleytronics" using van der Waals 2D materials and heterostructures, "topological phases of matters" in 3D or 2D topological materials, and "quantum sensors and photonic qubit" using color centers in NV diamonds and 2D materials.


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[2021. 1. 1] Nature Communications by J. Lee and W. Heo on non-excitonic valley Hall effect was accepted. 

[2020. 2. 11] 삼성전자 휴먼테크 논문대상: J. Lee and W. Heo (bronze)

[2019. 9. 1] Professor Hyunyong Choi moved to the Department of Physics and Astronomy, Seoul National University. 

[2019. 3. 7] Prof. Choi received Scientist and Engineer Award of This Month (이달의 과학기술인상) from Ministry of Science and ICT (과학기술정통부) & National Science Foundation of Korea (한국연구재단).

[2018. 6. 12] Nature Nanotechnology by S. Cha and M. Noh on spin-valley opto-physics was accepted. 

[2018. 1. 18] Nano Letters by C. In on topological insulator plasmons was published.

[2018. 3. 22] Nature Communications by S. Sim and D. Lee on exciton quantum beats was published. 

[2018. 3. 8] Professor Choi received "Excellent Achievement Award" from Yonsei University.
[2017. 7. 12] Excellent presentation award (Oral): Optical Society of Korea Summer Meeting by D. Lee.

[2017. 4. 7] Professor Choi received "Young Research Achievement Award" (신진학술상) from Korean Graphene Society.

[2017. 2. 15] ACS Photonics by J. Kim and S. Park on graphene-topological insulator is accepted.

[2016. 12. 31] "삼성미래기술육성센터" on femtosecond spin-valley optoelectronics is renewed.

[2016. 11. 18] Nature Communications by S. Sim and D. Lee on 2D materials is accepted.

[2016. 11. 9] Nature Communications on 2D materials is accepted.

[2016. 10. 21] Excellent presentation award (Oral): Korean Physical Society Fall meeting by S. Sim.

[2016. 8. 29] ACS Nano on perovskite films is published.

[2016. 6. 7] "Basic Research Laboratory” (기초연구실) in Korea is granted.
[2016. 5. 24] ACS Photonics by S. Sim’s work on topological insulators is accepted.
[2016. 1. 20] Nature Communications by S. Cha’s work on 2D materials is accepted.
[2015. 12. 2] "National Leading Research Laboratory” (국가지정연구실) in Korea is granted.
[2015. 10. 23] Advanced Materials by C. In’s work on graphene metadevice is published.
[2015. 10. 6] Nature Communications by S. Sim’s work on topological insulators is accepted.
[2015. 7. 13] Nature Communications on Flexible 2D materials photodetector is accepted.
[2015. 6. 15] Nature Communications on optoelectronic composites of 2D materials is accepted.
[2015. 5. 1] Nature Communications on stacking-dependent 2D materials is accepted.
[2015. 7. 21] Global Ph.D. Fellowship by C. In from NRF (한국연구재단) is granted.
[2015. 2. 11] 삼성전자 휴먼테크 논문대상: C. In (silver) and S. Sim (bronze)

[2014. 11. 30] "삼성미래기술육성센터" on spin-valley optoelectronics is granted.